This site is designed to provide a one stop shop for all your practical learning in pursuit of a cybersecurity career. I have taught technology classes and hold 21 certifications from Microsoft, Comptia and ECCouncil. I also have done Penetration Testing for a couple of different companies, so I have a unique view on the book smart aspect of cybersecurity and the real world practical application of techniques for cybersecurity. I have found throughout the years that people learn better when the actually do. You can read books all day long, but until you try breaching your first server, you will not be able to apply what you read.

In my opinion, Capture the Flag and Wargames are some of the best ways to learn cybersecurity techniques. So in my Pop Pop Pop Another Server Drop series, I run through various CTFs, but I stop to explain why I am using a certain command, why I am doing a certain recon in a certain order. I find these are missing in generic CTF walkthroughs so my goal is not to just give you a solution to a CTF, but to formulate a repeatable plan when attacking machines and apply critical theory to it.

I also have built an entire Aplication Security Program from scratch at one company, so my Bounty Hunter series focuses on Application Security specific items. These will also prepare you for doing bug bounties and understanding how and why a particular web exploit works.

The essential series is where I go over specific generic cybersecurity topics that do not fit into the other two categories, like a discussion on certifications, or a lesson in system hacking.

I hope you enjoy your stay here and feel free to contact me at sh1katagana1@protonmail.com for any questions.


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